Billing itemisation breakdown URL

Happy New Year all…

I bill my client’s quarterly for their storage / bandwidth based on buckets set up in a project.

Previously, there used to be a billing breakdown link from the billing page which was a URL where I could enter in the date range, and get the relevant itemised usage per bucket for the entire quarter.

However, this link seems to be gone now - and what’s more, I can only see ‘current’ and ‘previous’ billing period (so can’t see the other two months of the quarter)

Does anyone know of this URL, and if so, does it still exist and what is it?!


I can’t help but @leanpatty might, as they were looking for input for a new satellite dashboard design.

We are sorry you are facing this issue with invoicing. We have escalated the issue to our dev team. They should get back to you soon.


Hey @believe, I’m sorry you are running into this issue. We have been making a lot of changes to the Satellite GUI recently and along the way, we must have dropped the date selector. Currently, there isn’t really a great way to get usage details for a specific bucket in a project. We previously has the ‘Advanced report’ that showed you all of this information but we removed it because it had some bugs in it. You can see your billing history on the project level if you go to the billing history page (US1). I hope this is enough for now but you are pointing out a flaw that we will try to fix asap.


I just noticed this in the invoice is this the correct address that storj uses? in cayman islands that sounds so scammy…Where all the money goes offshore?

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Thanks - yeah, the Advanced Report is the one I was looking for, thanks

Is there an issue tracker I can subscribe to somewhere, or will you update this thread once you’ve rolled out a fix?

Storj does business out of the Caymen islands. It is not “scammy” at all. We have people who live and work there. It is not a shell company or anything of that sort. It just makes sense that since Storj has staff situated all around the world, that we would have our HQ in a place that has relaxed taxation. Remember, Storj is a start-up company and every dollar counts to deliver a great product.

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I will update this thread with the issue. We are in the process of migrating issue trackers to make it easier for the community to follow what we are working on.