Billing page issue?

I only use the free tier for Storj but the last time I checked I could see the current and previous billing for both of my 2 projects. The Billing page now only shows the ‘My First Project’ project, which I don’t actually use, and not the second project, which is used.


Billing history is now also blank.

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We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please file a support ticket at showing screenshots of your billing page with usage details as well as the dropdown that opens when you click on the project name that should allow you to switch between your projects, so we can see if only “My First Project” is listed there or if your second project is still available.

Ticket submitted with screenshots. I can select either project on the top left, but Billing only shows the first project.

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Does anyone with an older ‘Free’ account (3 projects at 50GB each) have more than one project on their satellite account? If so, please can you check your Billing page.

My hypothesis is that since the change on the free account to 1 project, 150GB size this has affected how the Billing page works.

I see both my free and the main project in billing

@deathlessdd thanks for checking. @heunland pointed out I was logged in as a different user account, with shared access to my main project, not as the project owner!