Blockchain full node on storj

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I was wondering if another usecase of storj could be to store fullnode data on it. Is this something that would work and if so was it ever tried out with a blockchain as for example with the ETH.
I found this blog post but that was more about a backup and not about a live full node.

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You may try it. More like you need to mount a bucket to your local folder, so configure rclone and use their rclone mount command: rclone mount. Or you may configure s3fs. You may also use a Mountain Duck.

Toying around with Mountain Duck. I can make the connection, I see three segments in webview, but I can’t see the files in webview.

When you generate an S3 credentials for Mountain Duck, you must use exactly the same encryption phrase used during upload, otherwise your objects cannot be decrypted and buckets will look like empty.

Understood, and I’ve gone back to verify this and it seems I can’t get it work. I will start over from the beginning.

Actually, let me clarify this…

When I make a bucket, I have to generate a passphrase. Then, when I create S3 credentials, I have to generate a pass phrase.

When I set up Mountain Duck, I use the S3 credentials. If I want to access that information on web, when I open the bucket, I should utilize the pass phrase from the S3 Credentials, correct? If I use the bucket pass phrase, then the information would be hidden.

The encryption phrase is not tied with the bucket, it used to encrypt/decrypt your objects (in any bucket). So, you may generate an encryption phrase or use your own or use a previous one.
Even more - you may use an own encryption phrase for every single object, just to see objects you need to use the same encryption phrase used during upload of your objects.

So, to see objects in any tool you always should use the encryption phrase used during upload of your objects, and you will see only objects decryptable with this encryption phrase.