Blueprint: Downtime Disqualification

Isn’t this already taken care of by the design doc discussed here?

If it’s just used to extend offline time, that’s not confusing. But if the satellite would report that back as an audit failure, I would get a lot more concerned seeing that in the data.

Do these downtime tracking pings happen at a high enough frequency for this to be accurate enough? If not, since the node was now marked as offline, you could still add back in that random ping after the node checks in to limit the impact. But in general I like this idea if the checks are frequent enough.

Tricky indeed. As this would be an argument to lower the frequency of those downtime checkins. I think if the node has to be online for several minutes it would start failing audits pretty fast. So perhaps something in that time frame?

How’s that to avoid the 3 posts in a row limit? :wink: