Bucket files operate

it seems your bucket don’t support move/cut/copy files and dict operation,sad to see it, hope add this function soon.

Hello @mix9311,
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These operations are depends on used client, not Storj DCS. If you meant the objects browser in the satellite UI, it is not designed for everyday usage, it’s more for a quick start.
To use all features (include server-side copy and move) you need to use a normal client, like uplink CLI, rclone or Cyberduck.
For example, with uplink CLI:

uplink mv --recursive --parallelism 100 sj://my-bucket/ sj://my-new-bucket/

or within the same bucket, but with a new prefix (“folder”):

uplink mv --recursive --parallelism 100 sj://my-bucket/old-folder/ sj://my-bucket/new-folder/

@Alexey hello. Why there is needed parallelism 100? theoretically it is all happens in database of satellite, not on node side. Satellite is like file system for storj, just move link that file is in this bucket. Or I dont know something?

Yes, it will relink the object in the database, but you need to say to the satellite, which exactly object should be relinked. So uplink will do that one by one without a parallelism.

Move or rename objects with prefixes cannot be done without uplink involving - object’s name is encrypted too include prefixes, so you need also to re-encrypt a new name.
In the object storage folders doesn’t exists, they are part of the object name.