Can an American operator check their storage graph for me?

I’m looking for a bit of help on Storagenode dashboard: storage graph timezone issue · Issue #5183 · storj/storj · GitHub

Can anyone with a node and timezone set on the western hemisphere check if they also have a storage graph shaped ∼ like mine or if it is inverted like ∽


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Mine is the same. Western Hemisphere.

I’ve been wondering about too



Does anyone keep a disk usage graph for their node? Mine was acting weird up to 9/8 18:00.
This caused my estimated earnings to rise significantly higher at the beginning of the month than last month, but after 9/8 18:00 it started falling.

I noticed in the Network Statistics that from 9/8 17:00 to 18:00 there was a laps of data.
This disk has been full for a bit, so my usage graph should be perfectly linear. Anyone else seeing this?