Can I carry data over? Rebuild node #5

Long story short, I have two nodes (one windows and one Rasp pi 4, 4gb on separate ISP accounts) that I have had to rebuild 5 times (about to be 6 and 7) and each time has been more of a learning process. Each time they go for about 3 weeks and then they start getting disqualified. My real question is can I keep the data that is currently on the drives and be able to host it with a new identity? Each of the previous times I simply reformatted the drives and did a fresh start, but now I believe I can simply replace the identity certificates (almost like plug and play) and relaunch my node.

No you can’t keep some data, always start fresh.
And you always have to start with a NEW identitiy.
But if you are at node >5 and always get disqualified after a few weeks, you are doing something seriously wrong (or your hardware does).
So please tell us more about your setup and how you create your nodes, so you might avoid DQ within 3 weeks again.