Can I have multiple volumes (drives) on one node?

As stated in subject.
I know that I can make an RAID without redundancy but probability of fail increases with every added drive in such configuration and if it fails I loose a big volume with data. And making RAID with redundancy is pointless as storj has geo redundancy built in.

Is there possibility to add 4 drives to one node on the same key OR do I have to start 4 nodes on the same key in that case?

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You would have to start 4 nodes if you want to share 4 drives. Even without RAID if a node would lose 1/4th of the data, the entire node would be disqualified within days, maybe hours for failing audits on the missing pieces.

However, every node needs to be vetted and vetting multiple nodes at the same time will take much longer because transfers are divided across the nodes. It is best to start with 1 node, wait until it’s starting to fill up (I’d say around 75%) then spin up the second one and so on for the rest. You can run the nodes on the same host machine on a different port.

Ok, thanks.

Probably I need to start new node at 45%. Because I won’t see 75% as if I’m right, node will use max 50% of available space most of a time- as I read somewhere.

I’m not sure what you’re basing that on, there is nothing in the network that would cause that and many of the smaller nodes have filled up to 100% already.

If you start the second node too early you’re more likely to be shooting yourself in the foot. Your choice though.

Thats great to hear. Thanks!

I am assuming you got this idea from the earnings estimator. But this is not the case. if you allot 5 TB, all 5 TB can potentially be used for storing files, not just 2.5 TB.

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@kollo Each node must have an own signed identity