Can I manually update to new version before my node is scheduled to be updated?

Windows GUI
I’m going away for the weekend and while the automatic updates are usually successful, there have been times where the node has not updated successfully without my intervention.
Just trying to be proactive and wondering if it is allowed to be updated ahead of schedule?

It’s not recommended, however, you can do it manually, it’s open source project and we can’t force you.
We just do not want to have a situation when all SNOs are updated in the same time, because if we introduce a bug, we could shutdown the network.
So, it’s better to use an automatic updater instead.

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Thanks. So a better solution may be to stop the updater service until I return?

It could be dangerous:

Could be, but as long as it gets turned back on, it should be ok. I stopped the updater for the weekend and then turned it back on. Updater started and updated the node within 15 minutes.

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