Can I receive multiple payments from multiple nodes in the same wallet address?

Dear Storj,
Please solve my above query!

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That is exactly what´s expected :wink:


what does that mean?

Is it possible or not?

Yes. Not only can, you should use just one address for multiple nodes.


thank you for your information!

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Just to clarify, the terms of service require you to use the same payout address if you run multiple nodes. Not only is it possible, it’s mandatory.

what are you implying if you are saying multiple nodes, is it the multiple nodes running on the same PC or other nodes on the different ISPs using different PCs? @BrightSilence

Multiple nodes by the same operator. Although if I remember correctly the reason for this was to limit transactions and transactions are now done per node anyway. It’s still in the ToS though.

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What if I run a few nodes that my friends host for me in trade for half the StorJ generated?

Am I allowed to put my eth address on hal and their eth address on the other half or since all the ID’s are generated by my email address that would be a violation (true case scenario at the moment not a theoretical).