Can i use same email for new auth keys

Hello, i have received (and use) key for beta on my email. Now i want to sign up new key and use it for different server, can i use same email, cause that beta node is working fine and stored 5TB of data. My new key(same email) won’t destroy my current node? I have received new auth key with same email, but i am afraid to use auth , not to destroy current node.

Correct. You can request as many keys as you want with the same email address. You can request only one at a time. You only get a new one if the current key was used.

As long as each node gets a signed identity with a new auth key they will not conflict each other. Don’t use the same identity for several nodes. That will not work. One node per identity.


I guess that changed? I always though each identity had to have a unique email address…

There’s multiple references to this on the forums. When did it change?

this changed when we implemented the automatic Auth Token dispensing mechanism just recently.

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I was informed that also you cannot request more than one token per day.

Awesome, anyway to consolidate the mailing lists? hahaha I get like 5 duplicate emails.

you can unsubscribe or change the email address listed on each node in the config.yaml