Can not Port forward (open the port) 28967

Hi! I am new to Storj and want to get some use out of the 4tb hdd that i have unused. The problem that i am having is with port forwarding. My router is Archer C7. Watched some videos on how to setup port forwarding but no success. Can any one help me? Best regards

Hi @mrzan10
Is your node installed already? What OS? Did you open the computer firewall? Does your router have a WAN IP, and not one beginning 10. e.g. 10.x.x.x?

You can use the checklist - My Node is OFFLINE for 2 hours - #2 by BrightSilence

Hi! I created the identity then go on to the port forwarding but there is were i am stuck. I am on Win10. I know what is my WAN IP but under the router status there is nothing listed.

If you can’t get the port forward to work straight away then proceed on with the node install as if the node is running it’s then easier to test as log files will be generated.

okey thanks for the info