Can only see items uploaded by that same grant request

Just testing things out. I’ve installed the Photo Plus app and connected it, then uploaded some photos. But I can’t see those photos in the bucket via the browser or Filezilla.

Vice versa as well, if I upload some photos through the browser or Filezilla, I can’t see them through either of the other two methods. Filezilla and Photo Plus are using different grant requests.

Is this how it’s supposed to work? I was hoping I could upload the photos on my computer and access them through the Photo Plus app on my phone.

I have tested it in another bucket. Created two grant requests for Filezilla, if I upload with one then I can’t see the files with the other.

Yes, the web and others external app use different passphase. When you open a bucket, you must write the same passphase used in the app to list the files correctly.

If you use different passphase, one can’t see files of others.

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It’s possible, you just need to use exactly the same encryption phrase everywhere - in the access grant for the computer (or just the same encryption phrase if you use an Objects browser), and in the Photo+ app. You specified the encryption phrase when you created a Gateway credentials on the satellite.



That all makes sense, it seems I misunderstood how the access grants and buckets work. I will start again and use the same encryption phrase for both.

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