Can OSS not be used for mining?

I’ve created all my things, but I can’t open the 14002 port remotely. I’m sure my server has opened the 14002 port. I just said that my data disk is Alibaba cloud’s OSS. Does it have any impact? How to detect problems? My server is centos7.6

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Any network attached storage protocols are not supported except iSCSI.

Please, give 10 last lines from the log (text please):

docker logs --tail 10 storagenode

Place text between two new lines with three backticks:

like this
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Hello @tutu, just as a side note: Storj is not “mining” as you stated in the title.
The software is not going to use all your resources like crazy to get you as much tokens as possible.

Depending on real usages (and also test patterns conducted by StorjLabs) and the total number of Storage Node Operators (SNO), activity can vary.
Plus, during first weeks/months, new nodes get vetted and do not hold a lot of data, so they don’t make any substancial profit right away.

You may want to copy @BrightSilence’s estimator into your Google account, and then fill in your numbers to have an idea on what to expect:

Just so you know :slight_smile:


Thank you for solving the problem. It just doesn’t support OSS. I can do it on my local hard disk

It’s really slow to fill in the data. I’ll wait. I’m still optimistic about this project

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This is what all us SNOs experience right now

Just stick with it and be patient :slight_smile:

Hahaha, I will check whether it is filled with data every day. Now it’s a week, and I hope it will be profitable in a month :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: