Can Storj can lower costs and increase usage?

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The requirements you can see there: Step 1. Understand Prerequisites - Storj Docs, your node should be online at least 99.5%, 100% is desired, but not required.
The held amount is calculated accordingly ToS, and you can see details here: Node Operator Terms & Conditions or in the documentation: How does held back amount work? - Storj Docs

Don’t get it. Could you elaborate? There is no algorithms like in mining, so just don’t get it.

These metrics are only matter, and you can see them on the dashboard. We doesn’t have any other at the moment. If you want to see details, like used coefficients from storj/docs/blueprints/ at 6a553ec9c5df94681c88ada43a6b9ae18464b8ee · storj/storj · GitHub, you can use storagenode’s API: Storage node dashboard API (v1.3.3)

Please, do not use DMZ, it’s dangerous - you open every single port of your device to the whole internet, use port forwarding instead.
If your node doesn’t have audits for a month, every downtime will affect your online score much more, because your node simple doesn’t have enough audits.
To make sure that your node is online we recommend to use
Your online score should recover in the next 30 days online. Every downtime will reset this counter and requires to have the next 30 days online. You can read more there: How is the online score calculated? - Storj Docs

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