Can you select the host node manually?

Hello, everybody,

I have the following question.

Is it possible for the renter of storage space to select the host manually or are the nodes selected automatically?

I am particularly interested in the possibility of manual selection, as I have special requirements here.

I would be very happy to receive your feedback.

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I recommend reading this:
It will answer your questions, especially why it is not possible to select hosts manually.


I had already thought so, but I hoped that it is somehow possible. Thank you very much for your effort.

What would be the benefit of choosing your nodes? The fastest ones will always win, so what’s the reason?

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He was aiming to use the 1TB free Tardigrade coupon to create paid traffic for his own storage node exclusively :wink:


We currently use the backup solution from Acronis and pay a relatively high price for the storage (60$ per TB/month).

I would have the possibility to reserve and use a certain amount of storage/computer/bandwidth for Storj at many of our customers. At the moment there would be about 15 customers who would participate.

The idea was to implement our own block-chain-based storage solution. We have the possibility to purchase a backup software cost-efficiently and define the backup target ourselves. This way our customers would have their own data backup replicated among each other. So we would have a secure backup solution at very low cost.

Sounds interesting.
60$/TB/month is really costly… even just switching to STORJ directly would save a lot money.


Why wouldn’t you first try out backing up your customer’s data to storj as intended?
/edit: nvm, has already been proposed :slight_smile:

Host your own satellite. That does what you wanted.

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