Cannot Update to Latest Release v0.31.12

I installed using the Windows GUI method and cannot find a way to update the service. I have seen that some people need to do it manually. The only instructions I see on that include the docker approach.

It is not updating with refresh or restarting node. What to do?


There is a Service in Windows. You can do a search for “Services” and then open that and find a list of your running services. You should find two Storj services. One “Storj V3 Storage Node” which is your node. And another which is “Storj V3 Storj Node Updater” You can try to right click the updater and start the service and see if it updates your node. I’m not sure what triggers that to run, it is normally not running on my side, but I am on the latest version.


It should auto-start during system boot and remains online after ckecking for new versions of software each 15 min (default value, i replaced it by 2 hours) .

If it is not running and you did not stop it manually there may be some errors.