Can't write on my bucket with smb

first of all I’m a newbie.
I’m trying storj to see if it could be perfect for my workflow.

I’m using mounter cloud on my Mac to access one of my bucket and it works.

I can’ save new files anyway.

What I can do?

Thanks for your help.

Hello @fre,
Welcome to the forum!

Could you please explain in more details, what’s not working? The write directly to the mounted bucket, or when you are re-share it via SMB?
If the latter - then you need to provide a write access to the folder. However, I’m not sure is it possible at all after mount.
By the way, why do you need to use a SMB to access it? Why not mount it again in your local system?

You may also configure rclone and use their rclone mount function, or use a Mountain Duck.

If you could explain your use case there may be a different solution.

I can confirm that Mountain Duck works great.

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