Capacity resizing


i have inserted a second disk into my raid and resized it.
In this step , i also resized the storagenode . The partition is also resized to the maximum.
The Capacity was 3.3 TB and is now 3.8 TB
So in this case i’ve made this changes a half year ago.
But the storagenode i still at 3.3 TB and my earnings are lower than before the changes.
There was another topic about this problem on the board, but there is no solution for me.
I also removed the container and created a new one with the new capacity.
But no changes.

Any idea ?

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There is no steady or predictable uploads, downloads and usage - the service is used by real people, so the past usage does not guarantee a future usage.
Any customers’ behavior is normal.
If your node online, not suspended and not disqualified - it’s working fine.

However, I would like recommend to check your logs for any errors: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

Also, make sure that your node version is 1.18.1 or newer:

Hi Alexey,

thanks for your reply.
Yes i know. But my changes are six months ago.
since this, there comes monthly around 30 gb traffic ingress.
But the node capacity is still equal as before the changes.

Then please check your databases for sure:

And please check your logs for errors


the database is okay.
There must be another problem.

Please, check your logs for errors

This is the part I would double check if I were you. What you see is exactly the behavior I would expect if the nodes allocation has been increased, but there isn’t actually any additional space on the volume being used.