Cardano to use for payments

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Checking back in thinking about spinning up new nodes (previously cashed out above $3). However, it looks like payments remain problematic still.

Cardano can fix all those problems. Storj can submit a Catalyst Fund10 proposal and the community will pay for the migration (or expansion) and upgrades. Plus, you’d gain more exposure and new customers since an integrated storage offering is still a ToDo within the Cardano ecosystem. Plus, Storj could pay in Storj and have that (optionally) auto-converted to DJED (stablecoin) for a pittance. Everyone wins!

I recall an ETH maximalists infestation here, so it may fall on deaf ears. Still, the Cardano community would welcome Storj with open arms + all the funding required. Just submit the proposal. $200 million available.

Storj cannot participate in any activity related to tokens, because our primary goal is decentralized cloud storage, not tokens. So no funding or making a market.

Our token is ERC20 token on Ethereum, we have no plans to switch a Blockchain. We tried, it’s useless, any Blockchain with coordination will have a scaling issues.

If they can provide a bridge to/from Ethereum and can accept STORJ tokens to pay fees - it could be interesting, but only if there are users who want to use this L2. We implemented support to transfer STORJ tokens via Polygon, but there is no big interest, see


You misunderstood my post before you moved it and gave it that heading.

My suggestion was to move or expand the entire Storj project from Ethereum to Cardano.

“Storj can submit a Catalyst Fund10 proposal and the community will pay for the migration (or expansion) and upgrades.”

In any event, speculators are clearly leaving Ethereum as they are slowly recognizing the released remaining rhyming roadmap required to complete Ethereum’s transition to POS is confirmation it is 10-20 years away from where Cardano is today. As the Ethereum ecosystem digests the reality of the situation, Ethereum projects either will leave or fail to remain competitive. As that happens, fees will decrease and speed will increase because nobody will be on it.

Storj will be fine. Probably nothing.

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Thank you for your suggestions @JohnSmith

Periodically Forum participants suggest moving to other chains, for a multitude of reasons they believe are advantageous.

The tldr on this issue is that Storj will remain an ERC-20 on Ethereum.

This topic :arrow_up: is probably best for an Ethereum speculating Forum, as it is a bit off topic here. Thank you for understanding.

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@bre @Alexey

For income distribution, Cardano is worth considering. Here is why:

  1. the block chain has a super power - it can wrap-up 100s of transactions in one. That can reduce fees immensely. Especially great for periodic micropayments.

  2. There are many L1/L2 scaling solutions under development: Hydra, Input Endorser, Zkrollups. Each of which has potential to lower transaction fee to near zero.


STORJ doesn’t have to move to other blockchain. Technically, the token can be in each blockchain simultaneously. For example, USDC supports Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, etc.

I can only repeat requirements

  1. Bridge to/from Ethereum
  2. no making a market or funding required
  3. Accept STORJ to pay fee.
  4. Enough demand (more than on Polygon)

Those technical requirements will be met with COTI’s release of Bridge 2.0 to mainnet next month.

Now would be a good time to start your research and planning. :wink:

Your team may also benefit from exploring “Sidechains as Blockchain Bridges“

Cardano has all that you need, except excuses not to reach out to the developer community and make it happen. Welcome to the era of Cardano! :grin:


As this thread has barely any extra voices, in the 24 days it has been up. It might be fair to say there is no real interest by sno operators.

Just my 2 cents.


Possible to make STORJ a sidechain of Cardano?

They need storage since the previously considered Filecoin is a DCG project and DCG may not be around for much longer. :smiley: Even if that goes through, eventually, Cardano will be supreme amongst surviving blockchains. It is inevitable. Resistance is futile. :smile:

May cut some internal costs. Would drastically cut transaction costs for all concerned.

Are you suggesting that storj dcs provides storage to the side chain?

Is it like arweave stores blocks for solana? (Does it yet?)

Please refer to previous threads on this forum discussing all the reasons why we will not migrate to another blockchain. Continuing discussion after this has already been explained before will not change the answer. A quick search will turn up those threads for your reference.

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