Changelog v0.17.1

If you have any questions you are welcome to ask them here :slight_smile:


When new version is published here or in the Github - does it get published to Docker at the same time? And what is expected time for “watcher” to upgrade to it?

It’s already few hours after I see new version in Github, but watcher hasn’t upgraded storagenode from 17.0

Is there a command I can execute to check watcher status?

@SlavikCA anything in the Engineering Discussions category is for Tardigrade (uplink), not Storage Node Operators, but if you were randomly browsing the forums I can totally see the confusion!

Usually yes unless the version doesn’t contain any storage node changes like this one.

The problem is that a new version might contain satellite, storage node and/or uplink changes. A special cathegory for changelogs might be good. I don’t want to post this 3 times in 3 different places.

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Ok I see the confusion now.

@SlavikCA I take that back, the Engineer Discussions is not just for Tardigrade, as there are tags used to specify the post.

@littleskunk posted in Engineer Discussions (general) without adding the Uplink/Tardigrade tag.

I updated this post so now it is categorized properly, I apologize for the confusion.