Changelog v0.25.1

I must say, I see a huge performance upgrade in 0.25.1 on my RPI nodes:
Red Light blinking issue - no more
Download success ratio went from 40ish to 80ish percent
Upload also, an increase of 30ish percent
A lot less “Context Canceled error”

Nice :smiley:

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Actually it’s stuck on 0.22.0, as that is the latest “Shipped” version on there. I’ve been regularly checking it and it has always been behind or nearly behind the actual state!

I am sorry if our Project Manager does not have time to keep it updated every single week when we make a new release. If you would like to check what other tasks have been worked on since v0.24, you can also just read the changelog in the OP, and follow the commits on our github.

Hi All,
Can someone give me a guide about how to increase difficulty of my existing identity and authority?
Thank you in advance

That is not possible nor needed. The new difficulty requirement is only a limitation for getting your identity signed. Already signed identities will keep working just fine.

If your lower difficulty identity isn’t signed yet I think you can for now still get it signed until the next update is released. Otherwise you would have to generate a higher difficulty one. But again, this only applies to new identities needing to get signed.