Changelog v1.28.2

Any interesting information about the changes / improvements?

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So there is no change for the nodes …

1.27 seems to have been skipped, that included a change to move deletes to trash first. I think that’s the biggest change on the node side. And it’s only temporary.

Skipped? Did updaters not update to 1.27.6? I installed it manually.

Doesn’t look like it. Mine are still on 1.26.3. and 1.28.2 is already rolling out to nodes.


Well it’s been a week only but, yeah, weird. There was also no changelog posted on the forum.

On Qnap the node is still 1.26.3

My node running the binary is on 1.28.2 but the ones running on docker are still on 1.26.3

Rollout for nodes using the installer/native updater is about 75% done. When that is completely done docker will be updated over the next 3 days.

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