Changing limits

I am trying to change the limit for storage and download, but it keeps resetting to 25TB storage and 100TB download.

To avoid high charges I tried setting it to 250GB storage and 5GB download multiple times on both laptop and phone, but it keeps resetting upon a refresh.

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Hello @smotty,
Welcome to the forum!

We are sorry that you have issues with setting the limits.
I notified the team.

Thank you for the quick reply!

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I appear to be having the problem too. My download limit is currently set to 2TB and I am quickly approaching that limit. I’ve tried multiple times to increase that limit and it keeps resetting back to 2TB. I’m using the AP1 satellite.

The user’s activity should be limited as expected, but this change to update the UI accordingly still needs to be included in a release. Hopefully that will happen soon.

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Thanks for the update!


Any idea when it will be fixed?

The provided limits are working, but the UI will show a previous values on refresh.
The change is made:

Now we need to wait until it’s released.