Check Payments for NODEs on Synology Docker

Hello STORJ,

I am running few STORJ NODEs. One is on the Windows 10 machine and Two are on the Synology NAS. All three are operational and online. I am able to check my earnings from Windows node easily but I have concern about my two nodes running as docker containers running on Synology NAS. All three nodes are set with the same wallet.

My questions is how am I sure how much I have earned from nodes on Synology and if they has been really payed out? How can I check that?

Especially now when there is issue with high gas fees and for December and January I did not received payment :roll_eyes:

Thank you


Remove the from the port mapping for the dashboard so it reads -p 14002:14002 for the first and -p 14003:14002 for the second. Please note the 14002 on the end of that last one, you have it set wrong now. The internal port (the one after the : ) should always be 14002. After that you can access the dashboard from your Synology’s IP with the corresponding external port.

Alternatively you can use the earnings calculator.

Hi BrightSilence,

Thank you for you reply. I have done changes so should I run those nodes with this parameters?


Thank you


But I have basically no issue check my dashboard directly via Putty to SYNOLOGY-Docker containter but there is no payout info so going to check that earning calculator. Thank you

The CLI dashboard is super limited. This allows you to access the web dashboard in your browser for these nodes. Yes, the commands look correct now.