CLI: How to view or revoke all share settings?

If I execute a command:
./uplink.exe share --disallow-reads --disallow-lists
I get an error saying:
Error: permission is empty

Also, when I execute
./uplink.exe share --disallow-reads
it doesn’t seem to affect a --url share, if previously set.

Is there an easy way to revoke any share settings that were set previously across a project? Also, how does inheritance work in terms of share settings?


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You need to specify --readonly=false first, then additional restrictions. Because it’s readonly by default, so when you disallow reads and lists, you basically does not provides any allowance.

./uplink share --readonly=false --disallow-reads --disallow-lists
Sharing access to satellite
=========== ACCESS RESTRICTIONS ==========================================================
Download  : Disallowed
Upload    : Allowed
Lists     : Disallowed
Deletes   : Allowed
NotBefore : No restriction
NotAfter  : No restriction
Paths     : WARNING! The entire project is shared!

Yes, see Revoke an Access to an Object - Storj DCS

If it’s a root access, then it’s not possible to do from the CLI. It’s possible only from the Satellite UI on Access - Storj DCS - you need to delete an access grant, then all derived access will be revoked at once.

You can read here about access grants in general: Access Management - Storj DCS

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