Configuring Wordpress plugin to backup to STORJ

I’m trying to use Updraft plus to back up to a STORJ bucket as suggested in this tutorial, but I have this error.

S3 settings test result: Failure: We successfully accessed the bucket, but the attempt to create a file in it failed. Please check your access credentials. (UpdraftPlus_S3::putObject(): [AccessDenied] Access Denied.)

I’m giving full permission to the account. What I’m doing wrong?
Thank you

Hi @ale1,

When you say that you gave “full permission to the account” do you mean that you gave the S3 credentials Read, Write, List, and Delete permissions and gave it access to all of your buckets?


Welcome to the forum @ale1 !

Make sure you use same encryption passphrase for bucket creation and during creation of S3 access credentials.


Just asking: Do you use a Wordpress Plugin to backup or something else in command line (Linux)?

If you use restic you dont have to go over S3.

Thank you, I did in this way and not it works!

@web4yougmbhch I’m using UpdraftPlus, as described in the tutorial.