Confirm Identity

I was having issues and I’m attempting a re-install after my node went offline and would not come back on no matter what.
I had storj successfully installed the first time I tried to do it. However this second time I’m getting issues.
This time when I run the commands for confirm identity in powershell windows 10x64 my return values are


Are you using docker or GUI ?

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I am using GUI and this thing says I can’t post my answer lol cuz 20 characters.

Did you check if your DDNS is working correctly ?

Yes my DDNS is working correctly.

Test if your port is open using

Enter your DDNS address on left then port 28967 on the right.

Yah, so everything here checks out… I’m attempting to setup a node again, and I’m getting the same return on authentication 3, 2. INSTEAD of 2, 3. I can upload as many screenshots of my DDNS working properly as you would like… however I find that highly unlikely to be the problem considering at this point I am only authenticating an identity. The next few steps requires the DDNS and port setup. IM NOT THERE YET. It literally says here. If your numbers are different, then [authorizing the identity](/dependencies/identity#authorize-the-identity) was not successful. Please try again. I keep trying over and over without different results.

Can you show the screenshot of what you did to get 3,2 result?