Connection doubts about Storj Uplink-C v1.0.2


I have 2 doubts about Storj Uplink-C v1.0.2

Does it support the implementation of:

  1. rate limit while file transfer?
  2. proxy support?

I searched for those C/C++ functionalities in the following github repositories of Storj:

  1. Storj Uplink-C 1.0.2 uplink_definitions.h

  2. Storj V3 uplink_definitions.h

But, I am unable to find any such functionality in these 2 versions.

However, such functionality is present in the deprecated Storj library file libstorj/storj.h, which I cannot use since it is deprecated.

Kindly help

hi there, I can mention this thread to the engineering team, and request that they look into it when they return to the office. Thank you for checking out our repos, and we hope you’re enjoying your exploration into the product