Connection problem

I have trouble connecting to the node, after some time it turns off
my operating system and windows10
the node has been active for more than a year I have never had any problems
use dynamic dns NoIP
I attach log

Hi @maxPalermo
Please stop the storagenode, start the storagenode and then post those logs.


The public IP ( on port 28967 is not open on your router- this means your node is failing to dial in, and will appear as offline.

Please check on Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router to make sure your public IP address has not changed ? If it has, you will need to update your dynamic DNS entry, and wait for the node to update.

Also, check your internet router to make sure the ports are still open 28967, and that they are pointing at your correct internal network IP ?

I can see Oracle Virtbox there ? did you apply the latest windows update ? you might find that your network bindings have been changed on Windows :crying_cat_face: make sure the virtbox ndis client is still bound to your physical nic…

Start with the basics from the storage node - check IP connectivity, can you ping your internet router, has the IP address of the storagenode changed ipconfig from cli.

#edit : I’ve moved this out of uncategorized and placed under SNO Windows, hope thats ok, as others will be able to help.


I followed your advice and now the node is active.
i assigned a new rule on windows defender to open port 28976, thanks.