Container restarting

Your node see only 242GB of used space and 209GiB (224GB) free, in total 466GB, which is less than required 500GB.

Please, show the result of this command:

sudo du --si -d 1 /storj/Node/storage

Have you lost or corrupt (“database disk is malformed”) your database in the past?

This is the first time I have had any issues.

$ sudo du --si -d 1 /storj/Node/storage
1.4M /storj/Node/storage/temp
70G /storj/Node/storage/trash
1.1T /storj/Node/storage/blobs
4.1k /storj/Node/storage/garbage
4.1k /storj/Node/storage/blob
1.1T /storj/Node/storage

This is interesting.
You can change this parameter:

To the 400.0 GB, save the config and restart the node. It should be up and running.
Your database seems to missed some stored pieces on your disk. Luckily the audit checking doesn’t use this database to locate the pieces.
But I think you will see a discrepancy on your dashboard.

I wiped my drives to start over. Shame to wipe all the data, but it was not looking like it was fixable. Should I use the same identity to start the new node?

You cant use the same identity if your starting fresh you have to get a new everything.

I used same identity, it has already downloaded almost 1GB. Everything looks to be working fine.

I think I know what happened. I had my size set to 1.35TB on a 1.4 TB file system. I don’t think I left enough overhead and that could have corrupted the DB (per the install guide). Although I don’t recall the drive ever getting close to 100%, it could have I don’t keep that close an eye on it. I now have it set to 1.25TB which is over the 10% recommended.

You will get DQed from using same identity, The problem doesnt start right away its when audits and when files are missing.

Looks like you kind of brought this one on yourself, but you’re going to have to start over once more. To the network the same identity means the same node. Which means it will look for your old data on your current node, which won’t be there. It will be disqualified very soon for this reason. There is no need to wait this out, it will happen. Save yourself the time and start completely clean now, with a new identity and token.

Thanks for the direction. I appreciate it. I agree I think I self inflicted this injury :slight_smile: It was a good lesson learned.