Creating Storage Node stuck?

Hi guys,
It´s been more than 48 hours now, and it seems stuck. It never took me so long, and this is my 4th SNO.
Something changed?

It’s matter of luck. Depending on your CPU it could take a few minutes and up to week.


Thank you. It´s a simple Pi3B+…Ok, I´ll just leave it to work, and wait.

You can generate a new identity on more powerful device and then transfer it to the pi3:

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Thank you. It’s not critical as I’ll just make it available on the 18th October due to IP filtering. I already have a node running here, and I don’t want to make it online and then offline for 5 or more hours to get it to final location, by plane, and risk DQ.

5 hours to transfer 6 files each 1Kb in size looks to me too slow.
What kind of connection do you have?

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No. You didn´t get it :D.
I´m setting up another SNO for a location in Portugal.
But i´m setting it up in my house, in The Netherlands, where I have also an SNO running.
I don´t want to make it online here due to IP filtering. I just want to set it up, and then transport it to Portugal.
If I make it online now, when I go to Portugal on the 18th Oct with this SNO, I´m flying; so the time it takes it will be offline, and I risk being DQ´ed.
So, I just want to set it up here and make it online when already in Portugal.

You don’t need to make it online. Just generate an identity and transfer it to the needed place.
Then continue setup there.

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Yup, that´s what I´m doing :wink: thank you.

The system entropy may be too low.

You can check the available entropy via the command line:

cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail

If it’s below 100, you may never be able to create a key with enough bits. A decent value for entropy is something like 3,000 to 6,000.

If entropy is too low, you can install something like haveged. It should be in the RPI repo, so:

sudo apt-get install haveged

should install the package. The program basically just runs a counter in the background until system entropy reaches an acceptable level.

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Thank you very much for the answer, but in the meanwhile I created in my i7 and took 5 seconds :slight_smile:Waiting for the authentication token now to sign it :wink:

If you are planning on using the RPi for node operation, you should still check the entropy level and make sure it doesn’t dip too low… The system entropy is used for secure communications as well. So, a low system entropy has significant security implications for any host that has Internet facing traffic.

Thanks, will give it a go :wink: