Crontab for StorjRaport tool

I am maiking StorjRaport tool, that wil every last day of month 23.59 will send raport to discord user about his node like Egress, Ingress, TB*Month usage, that is posible to calculat ernings.
It is on base of Dashboaed, thats why needed
crontab last day function in 23.59
On windows it working, but linux more problematic.

I don’t think crontab has a feature for last day of the month. But you can just run it on all days between 28th and 31st and then detect whether the next day is the first of the month prior to triggering a script.

59 23 28-31 * * [[ "$(date --date=tomorrow +\%d)" == "01" ]] &&

Does that help?

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I will try it thank you.

Is this on github?

No relese yet, but code is there. I am testing it, then will put relise.