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It seems you have missed this part in one of my prior answers to you:

Please also check the following quote from one of my prior comments, so it does not get missed as I think it could be a bug:

I am not a coder and I don’t have a Github account, so what I can do and what I have done is to make suggestions and write my opinion on here.

Alright so if you have already learned that the reason for not having an option to change email on the dashboard is limited dev resources, why did you bring this subject up again? I still don´t really understand your point here. Why are you bringing this up again if you already know the answer?

regarding your screenshot of the upgrade dialog, I have informed our dev team about this so they can schedule it to be fixed. Here is the github issue that was now already created to attend this:

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I did not bring it up again. It seems you have misunderstood my post where I simply told @Alexey what my original question was, which was not about upgrading, because that was where the topic had drifted to at that point.

That’s great. Thank you.