Dashboard data inverted

Why are the graphs inverted? I mean, the bandwidth used graph is displayed under the DISK SPACE USED title and so the disk usage graph. Is this only for me?

They should swap!

I don’t believe I follow what your trying to ask?

Do you mean that the graph displayed for disk space seems to make more sense for bandwidth, and the other way around? I think the disk space graph is just broken, and displays zero for the first day of the month and the current day. My graphs:

its not disk space used though, its how long its stored

Isn’t it disk space hours per day which would roughly be the same as 24 times the average disk space used on that day?

yea it is but its not actual disk space used.

Yeah! The graph of the disk space used is displayed under the “Bandwidth used” label

No, it’s not. “Band Used this Month” is the sum of ingress and egress as shown in the “Storage Node Dashboard”. “Disk Used This Month” is the disk usage multiplied by the time the data was stored, hence the unit TBh.

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In this case I agree that the graph shapes would make more sense when flipped (disk space usage does not go from 0 to 40GB and then after a few days instantly back to 0GB), but I don’t suspect the graphs are flipped. I think the disk space usage graph just displays the wrong data for the first and last day

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That’s right! Sorry, I was wrong…