Dashboard reports 100% uptime even though my node was offline for a few hours

Hello, today my node experienced an unexpected shutdown which took a few hours to fix. However, the dashboard on any satellite still reports 100% uptime checks passed and 100% audit checks passed. Why is this? I’d much rather get an accurate measurement of how well my node is doing, and not get disqualified suddenly.

where did you get the data? more accurate data, I think, would be pulled from the current database files I follow the earnings.py python script which when run with the current copied database files seems to give an accurate representation of my node uptime and audit history.

I noticed that the dashboard numbers, in windows, seem to be lagging on uptime and audit percentage from each satellite.

Uptime is not currenlty taken into consideration for audits.

ok … so … why are some satelites at 99.5% and others below ? … is this “problem” on my side ?

You can see your uptime checks with these scripts: Script for Audits stat by satellites
Just replace the audit to uptime in the script.
The ratio on dashboard is calculated as successCount / totalCount * 100%

Alexey … thanks … again… ill try to do it but … i think i have to read a lot more to do it ! …