Dashboard stopped displaying used bandwidth

A few days ago the “bandwidth used this month” and “disk space used this month” statistics dropped to zero bytes on my dashboard. It had previously around 400GB traffic and many TB*h stored, but it just dropped from that to zero and stayed like that for a week or so.

There is still traffic based on my logs:

Unfortunately the command line dashboard doesn’t seem to work either:

The only thing that works is this:

Check you hdd exist?

Did you run docker as root?

The web dashboard starts at zero and is then populated by data from the client, so if docker is not running properly the values will stay at zero.

But the logs show active traffic, my remaining space is decreasing. It’s just that from one day to another my dashboard stopped correctly displaying that data.

Please mind the data is shown in periods. Today is the first of december a next period and the dashboard starts from new.