Dashboard View - Text View

Is the dashboard meant to look like this ? Just trying to confirm as it shows it as more graphical in the docs. :slight_smile:

No its not supposed to look this way try clearing cache ctrl F5

Crazy stuff, have completely cleaned Chrome including cache, cookies the lot - still the same. :slight_smile:

Try incognito modeeeeee

Still the same, tried so many browsers and settings - lol

Then try reinstalling Chrome

Maybe Adblocker is causing it to not load correctly.

Its crazy, uninstalled Chrome as well and checked extensions - about to try another PC on network. :slight_smile:

Reload the page with the network developer tab open in Chrome or Firefox (F12 in both browsers). Look for any resources that do not load successfully. In particular, this looks like a missing stylesheet.

Try other mail, there is problems that invetation not deliver for some email, i hve 1 email, where invetation not reach, and only when storj resend not used invetetions then i get my invetation to this email.

Do you have an antivirus? Could it be a reason?

You are correct :slight_smile: Refused to apply style from ‘http://localhost:14002/static/dist/css/app.a92c63eb.css’ because its MIME type (‘text/plain’) is not a supported stylesheet MIME type, and strict MIME checking is enabled.

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Sorry for delay, i could only post 20 messages yesterday :slight_smile: No no AV on this side - i have it disabled. :slight_smile: It looks like its the CSS issue

Browsers checked for this issue - Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, Safari, Explorer. Same issue on all - some just a blank page. The plot thickens - does anyone else experience this issue ?

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I haven’t experienced it at all. Only tried on Chrome so I can’t speak to the other browsers.

Hello. Could you try enabling/disabling cache in devtools? In your browser press F12 -> “Network” tab -> put check-mark on Disable cache -> reload page. If it’s enabled, try to remove check-mark and put again -> reload page