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Привет. Я ровичёк. Несколько дней назад запустил 2 ноды. После запуска аактивно поступали данные. Сегодня ночью данные поступать практически перестали. Вопрос: как мне узнать что случилось (проблемы на моей стороне, провайдер блокирует трафик, кончились данные для хранения))) или этс)?

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Hey. I’m roving. A few days ago, launched 2 nodes. After starting, data was actively received. Tonight, the data came almost ceased. Question: how do I know what happened (problems are on my side, the provider is blocking traffic, the data for storage has run out))) or ets)?

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I hope you know Storj is not mining so you can’t expect a steady flow of traffic. There are occasions when you see high traffic but you shouldn’t expect that to happen all the time.

All you can do is make sure your node is online 24/7 and you don’t fail audits. You can check your log for failed audits too by using scripts posted in our awesome forum.

Having similar issue (?). Around 22:00 UTC (11PM) the data flow practically stopped. I’m successfully passing audits tho. It appears to be saltlake satellite malfunction, as that satellite was the most active one. Saltlake is also not showing disk space usage in the dashboard.

@Alexey please prove me wrong.

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Yeah, I’m aware of the other discussions. I even replied to one of them confirming the problem. Here I just wanted to bring attention that those things might be correlated and it would prove saltlake is misbehaving.

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Well, here, the traffic suddently ceased on salt, but it was only my older node, the second new one was continuing. Now, its deleting the test data on each node which sounds normal (that’s what happens regularly after a period of time like one month testing). Though, I didn’t think it was an issue but more like a “feature” because there are algorythm selecting nodes, and I assumed the first one has been maybe unselected (but not suspended/disqualified, its okay). Also, the old node has got actually more space free than the second, almost full (8tb in two months i think, wew, that was freaking fast, but its more test data that customers at this time).

How did you get this nice graphs?


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Как вам уже ответили - место используется реальными людьми, не машинами, как это обычно происходит в майнинге. Тут вы предоставляете сервис живым людям.
Поэтому мы не можем ожидать непрерывного использования ваших ресурсов. Они используются, когда это необходимо клиентам.

Узел получает информацию об использованном месте от сателлитов. Конкретно сейчас у одного сателлита проблемы с доставкой этой информации (Saltlake), разработчики обещают скоро исправить.

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As explained above - the space and bandwidth are used by real people, not machines. We can’t expect the constant usage.
The node get statistics information for dashboard from the satellites.
At the moment we have a problem with one of them - Saltlake. It should be fixed soon.

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