Data via Cyberduck and browser different on same bucket

So I have mounted a bucket to my computer via Cyberduck (well Mountain Duck I suppose) and uploaded a file to test out the service, all good here. I then went to the website and opened the bucket with the passcode but the file I uploaded via Cyberduck doesn’t show on the web.

So then I uploaded a file on the web and refreshed the mounted drive and I can’t see that. It’s like the two locations are different…I assume that is intended behaviour and I’ve missed something fundamental? lol

I should add that Cyberduck uses an S3 compatible key that I created.

My guess is that you used different passphrases. The UX doesn’t make this very clear, but your passphrases are tied to files. You can connect to a bucket using any passphrase, but you only see the files uploaded with the same passphrase.


Roger that - thank you!