Data zones - based on geographic location


I don’t know how if this is even possible, but storage zones, based on geographic location, could be a great feature.

The usecase for this, is when you have data, that are not allowed to leave EU for exsample, you could still use this service… Or is this already implemented some how? If it is, how can we use it? We got a lot of backupdata, we would like to place in

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This idea was mentioned in the original white paper and has been mentioned in passing since then. I don’t think anything is implemented yet. You might want to mail this question to so they can respond to it during the next town hall.

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Nothing stops SNO from running a node over vpn or physically moving the node to a different location. I don’t see how it can be addressed.

It would probably be easy to set up a satellite which would only allow storage nodes that match some specific performance metrics, like latency from the satellite to the node within some bounds. That would probably be a good proxy for geographical closeness.