Database integration?

My company are looking for a way to secure our databases (SQL, No-SQL) on DCS. But it seems that DCS isn’t well suited for transactional database. Any suggestion on how to utilize this?

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I would say none of transactional databases are currently suited to use a remote storage, especially the object storage.

The main problem that our platform do not allow objects modification, you need to upload a whole object again if it were modified, you cannot modify it in place.
With other object storages you will have another problem - consistence, see amazon s3 - Mysql Data Directory on S3 - Stack Overflow
Our platform has consistence, but you cannot modify an object in place.
We are working on implementing a feature of the server-side copy of an object and perhaps this will allow to use modification in place.

For example, you can try to mount an object storage as a filesystem with rclone mount (see Sync Files With Rclone - Storj DCS) or with s3fs (see, but the database engine will not work, because you cannot modify a file in place.
From the other side - if you use a local storage and do rclone sync to the bucket - this will work.

There are plenty of drivers supports S3. For example, you can use an S3-compatible protocol via JDBC/ODBC driver Amazon S3 Drivers - Online Documentation or Amazon S3 ODBC and JDBC Driver with SQL Connector | Simba - Magnitude or similar, however they are not tested.
To emulate S3 you can use either Storj-hosted S3 Compatible Gateway - Storj DCS or Self-hosted S3 Compatible Gateway - Storj DCS

Storj DCS has an S3 API, which can be used by e.g.:

As you can note, in all cases this is for read-only storage of data. The S3 protocol isn’t really designed for much more than that.

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