Databes files doesnt update


It seems my database files doesnt updating, only the revocation db which has the current date (the latest was 03/25 on those files). I’m on win10 gui, I checked the logs for that day it not show any errors just the usual download/upload failed…since then there is “failed to add bandwidth usage” and “failed to add order” errors. I guess the database is corrupted, but I have no idea how to repair or what to do.
Can anyone please help?

You can easily check that: restart the storagenode service either from the Services applet or from the elevated Powershell:

Restart-Service storagenode

Then check your logs.

This is the only error I get, everything else seems normal,

2020-04-02T22:56:07.100+0200 ERROR piecestore:cache error getting current space used calculation: {“error”: “context canceled; context canceled; context canceled; context canceled”, “errorVerbose”: “group:\n— context canceled\n— context canceled\n— context canceled\n— context canceled”}

How is your HDD connected?

By the way, I need a log from the updater, not only from the node.

Its connected via usb3

this is the log

I didnt notice these invalid config values till now…

You can safely ignore them.

Get-Service storagenode*

both storagenode and updater running

Seems your node is fine and databases are ok too.
So nothing to worry about. If they would be corrupted your node will not start anymore.

Thanks, it was just strange that the revocations the only one which has updated date, the rest is not updated since 03/25 18:08 :smiley:

(and therefore I cant run the to check earnings for april I guess)

I think you may be looking in the wrong place. The db’s should be inside the storage folder. You may have temporarily run your node with a wrong path which created these db files.

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