.db Files Linux


for some reason I can not find the .db files needed to run the earnings.py script. Where is the standard location for them?

Thanks in advance.

In your docker run command:
--mount type=bind,source="/some/place/somewhere",destination=/app/config \

In this example, they would be in /some/place/somewhere

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Thanks for the reply. I have navigated to this folder before but I can only find the revocations.db there alongside with some locked folders and config.yaml. Is that correct?

They’re inside the storage folder. But the script will find them if you point to either.

Edit: Make sure the user you run the script with has permissions on the files or you may still see missing file errors.

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Ok thanks I will try that.

is running it as sudo enough as far as permissions go?

It should be, yes. But even though it’s my script and I know I can trust it, there is no reason you should trust me. :wink:
I would generally warn against running third part scripts as root. Better to give a normal user access to the db files instead.

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Thanks for the Help Guys worked like a charm :smiley:

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