December payout

I’ve got full 60 cents, making a killing here.


You pulled up the topic for last month. Payouts are still ongoing for December. And if your node is new, it’s in vetting phase and gets much less data until it’s been proven reliable. That takes about a month. You get payouts for each satellite. Usually 4 total. Additionally in the first 9 month a part of your payout is held in escrow. 75% for the first 3 monhts. So be patient, wait for them all, keep in mind the escrow and vetting and then determine how much you made.

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I have only received one payout so far does that mean that the remainder will follow next week since is the weekend

I got All 4. i think thay will be over in some H

I have only received one 12 hours ago and it’s from a node that’s has been up since May I’ll give it till Monday and see Thanks

I got all four as well late last night.

I have not gotten any yet…

Just as a friendly reminder, I am reposting this. TL;DR It is normal that some SNOs already got all payouts while others have not. We will finish all payouts in due time. Thanks for your patience.


From my experience, apparently you may not always receive 4 payments from satellites.

In my case for instance, for previous months I received 3 payments only because one of the sats almost did not use my node at all, for some reasons. At least that’s my understanding :slight_smile:

I’m expecting this to be different for december though. I got 3 payments so far, we’ll see if a 4th comes in in the next days.

If you did not get payout from one satellite in the past, you either did not have any data traffic from it or your node had been disqualified from that node, which you can check by running the payout script.

All is good with the December payout, it just came in chunks.

I did receive the 4th payment as expected. All seems OK ^^