Different traffic in / output between Nodes

Hi Folk

just to know… i created 2 nodes at the same time with same hardware round about 15ms
away from each other. Node 2 gets simultaneously the double of Traffic each day.

Is the difference to be explained by the geographical position?
Cant find any issues in log oder hardware from node 1.
Weird that it is almost always the double in traffic :confused:

Anyone here with same effect?

Location could definitely impact this. It could also be that the slower node shares a subnet with another node and therefore shares traffic as well. Are these nodes running in data centers / cloud?

it would be useful to have such information on the dashboard as he reported storjnet.info:
IP: 1xx.x3.xxx.xx8, the only node in /24-subnet


Nope no datacenter needed cause both nodes running on ftth (yes i`m a lucky one) :wink:

Maybe the subnet did impact, would be really nice if the dashboard reported those informations
in the future…

Actually there is much traffic in the network, both Nodes are running good the last days
so there is no high difference between them.
I`ll keep an eye on that.

Github uploading their backup to storj

Still? I thought that was already done on Tuesday?

+1 (and now just some words to get the answer out there)

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