Disk failure and now disqualified

It was my turn … apparently I have bad sectors that happened to hit one or more files, my node is now disqualified in one of the satellites. What are my options ? Start again or keep it running ? Do I have a way to receive the hold amount for the satellite I was disqualified on ?

Once a node is DQed on a satellite you will not get the hold amount back, did you get DQed on all satellites or just one? Cause if your drive is failing soon you will be DQed on all satellites.

Try to move your node to a healthy drive with rsync (Linux) or robocopy (Windows)
Perhaps it could survive on other satellites.

There is an inherent contradiction here. Losing one or a few files would not get you disqualified. Either you have lots of bad sectors which damaged lots of files or something else happened to get your node disqualified.

If you really have lots of bad sectors it’s a stop what you’re doing and save what you can kind of situation. Because with damage at that scale, your HDD doesn’t have long to live anymore.
If it’s something else you have some more research to do.

What kind of audit scores do you see on each satellite?