Disk Space Remaining?

I have a node co-configured with a space of 6TO but when I look in my Storage Node Stats and my remaining space in my node , there is a very big difference.
I have less than 700 mega left while on my board while there is still more than 2 TB on my hard drive

Mine is similar. I think this is because the dashboard uses TiB?

What to do then? I would like to have an answer because if my nod stops stop data thinking that I have no more disk space

As long as the storj space runs out before your actual space, there’s nothing to worry about. That’s my plan until someone official chimes in or figures out the conversion.

Storj software uses measure units which you specified in the configuration. It uses decimal units by default
So, 6TB (decimal) is 5.46 TiB (binary)
You have used 5.4TB which is 4.91 TiB.
I think the real used space is more like 5.3648TB (6.0 TB - 0.6352 TB = 5.3648 TB), which is 4.8792 TiB
That’s very close to the “4.89 To” on your NAS dashboard.

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i change configuration ?

why do you want to do that?

i have changed to 7TO it’s ok config node