Disqualification And Suspension Questions

Hey Storjlings,

I am moving across the country and taking my server with me. It will probably be offline for 4 to 5 days and so I was wondering if there was a possibility of my node getting suspended or disqualified. I know there used to be a stop on disqualifications during the beta but I’m not sure if it’s still going on. Obviously if I lose data / audits I could be disqualified for that but i want to make sure that I won’t have issues with my uptime.

Hi @aeleos,
If you’re offline less than 12 days then you should be fine. Your node will take a hit on it’s Online scores, and may delete some data when turned back on, if it’s had to be repaired by the network. But in the timeframe you mention the node should pick back up and recover the Online score over the following 30 days.


Ah that is interesting thanks for the info. Is there any way to find out how many hours this month I have been offline? Can it be computed from my satellite uptime? Also, does it reset on a calendar month basis or is it rolling?

You can calculate roughly but not with any specificity as it depends on the random number of audits performed within each 12 hour window, from each satellite. It’s a rolling 30 day window.

If all your current online scores are 95+% I think you don’t have to worry too much about 4 or 5 days of being offline.
Just do your move and plug your node back online whenever possible and all should be fine.

If one of your online scores is below that (in which case it should display in yellow :warning:), then it’d be worth investigating further.

As it stands some of my online scores are below 95% and are yellow due to some maintenance and other issues. I won’t be doing the actual move for another 3 weeks so I am hoping that my scores will go up and I can safely turn my node off. Based on the 12 day number will my node be disqualified if it reaches around 60% online score?

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Below 60% of online score, nodes get suspended, but not disqualified yet. Then you’ve got a short grace period to get trusted again by the network.

Because online scores run on a 30 day window, if the score dropped because of recent events in the past couple of days for instance, scores won’t have recovered in 3 weeks.

Presumably, though, if it’s a 30 day rolling window the older outage time will “fall off” the window and the score will come up even if the node happens to be offline at the time?

My understanding is that if that happens, where the node is offline both at the start and end of the rolling window, the score will stay the same rather than drop or go up

To resolve this situation we have a review period of 30 days. It’s started after the node become online from suspension. If the node would manage to be suspended again to the end of 30 days review period it will be disqualified.