Disqualified after being offline for a month

Hi, I’m from Ukraine and wasn’t able to monitor my node for some time and turns out it was offline for ~32 days and when I started it again I received 2 messages (so far) about suspension (which makes sense) and one about disqualification (from us-central-1). The reason is that UPS stopped working (not sure why, appears to be dead now).

Is it actually permanent disqualification? I’ve been running Storj node since 2019 and it would be really unfortunate to lose all of the reputation accumulated so far and start from scratch (which I probably wouldn’t do at this point).

UPD: I only received emails when I put my node back online, which honestly isn’t very useful, I wish I knew about the issue before it is too late.

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Hi @nazar-pc
Disqualification is permanent but Storj may be able to help in this situation. A very similar problem has been mentioned in another thread:

The email problem is known, being discussed and due to be worked on.

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storjlabs do have the ability to resurrect DQ nodes, if they deem it so.
which should be the case for you.

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